Call for Contributions
Deadline extended until 16 January 2018

General topic: Changing environmental and climatic conditions as well as growing (future) demand for water will likely lead to conflicts in water use and water management in the Alps. This ForumAlpinum will identify hotspots of water use and management in the Alps, analyse target conflicts, assess their relevance in a regional, national or international context, and discuss possible solutions. This meeting will provide a platform for the ongoing dialogue between scientists, practitioner and policy makers in order to propose policy recommendations on priority topics.
We kindly invite you, to contribute to the ForumAlpinum, by proposing inputs to announced workshops (below), additional workshops or poster presentations. Contributions to the 6th Water Conference, which takes place during the ForumAlpinum, are possible during the poster session.
Your contribution should be in line with the general topic (above) of the ForumAlpinum or announced module and workshop topics. Contributions can have both, a scientific and / or a practical background, also combined approaches are appreciated.

Module 1: Hydrological hotspots in the Alps
Current and future hydrological hotspots in the Alps: water use, water management, water demand
Following aspects will be addressed in workshops:
- Changing resources and seasonality (impacts on agriculture, forestry, energy production, biodiversity, groundwater, lakes, water storage, irrigation, artificial snow production, water supply)
- Destabilization (melting glaciers and permafrost, new lakes, floods, toxic water)
- Changing landscapes (grey Alps, new lakes, river landscapes, winter landscapes, dry landscapes, forest fire)
- Further main aspects can be proposed

Modules 2 and 3: 6th Water Conference & EUSALP-Conference (only posters)
Module 2: Drought and water scarcity: facts and good practices
Module 3: Greening water infrastructures: hydraulic engineering, flood protection, small power plants

Module 4: Conflicting water use in or related to the Alps
What future target conflicts will arise in water use or water demand?
Following demands will be addressed in workshops:
- Local water use (water supply, agriculture, tourism, property)
- Energy production (water storage, water taxes, runoff regimes, river ecology)
- Tourism (water supply, artificial snow, water sports)
- Nature and landscape protection (flow regulation, structural measures)
- Further demands can be proposed

Module 5: Managing conflicting water use
What is needed to address (future) conflicts in water use?
Following approaches will be addressed in workshops:
- River continuum management (river dialogue, river watch)
- River basin and watershed management
- Commons:  a concept for water management
- Administration: fit to deal with future water conflicts
- Further approaches can be proposed

Participation in the ForumAlpinum
There is no conference fee for accepted contributers.
There will be no refunding of costs for travelling, accommodation and meals that are not included in the conference. We are unable to award grants.

The ForumAlpinum
The ForumAlpinum 2018 and the 6th Water Conference as an integrated part of it are organized by ISCAR in cooperation with the Water Platform of the Alpine Convention and EUSALP Action Group 6.
The conference language is English. Plenary events and one of the parallel events are translated into German.

Call for Contribution to ForumAlpinum 2018


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1 Hotspots of water issues in the Alps
2 Drought & water scarcity (poster)
3 Greening water infrastructures (poster)
4 Conflicting water use in or related to the Alps
5 Managing conflicting water use

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Workshop in module 1, 4 or 5
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