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ForumAlpinum 2018
6th Water conference
6th Water conference

Institute of Ecology
University of Innsbruck
Heidi Humer-Gruber
Technikerstrasse 25
6020 Innsbruck

ISCAR Office
House of Academies
Laupenstrasse 7
P.O. Box
CH - 3001 Bern
+41 (0) 31 306 93 46

Italian Co-President of the
Water Platform
Paolo Angelini
Italian Ministry of the Environment,
Land and Sea
+39 334 6381914

Lukas Štraus
Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning



The ForumAlpinum 2018 and the 6th Water Conference as an integrated part of it are organised by the International Scientific Committee on Alpine Research (ISCAR) in cooperation with the Platform “Water management in the Alps” of the Alpine Convention and the Subgroup 3 “Integrated and sustainable water management” of Action Group 6 of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).





Organising Committee

Leopold Füreder (chair; University of Innsbruck, ISCAR president); Rolf Weingartner (University of Berne; ISCAR); Günter Köck (Austrian Academy of Sciences, ISCAR); Valerie Braun (Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences); Thomas Scheurer (ISCAR office); Paolo Angelini (Co-chair of the Water Platform; Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea); Luka Štravs (Co-chair of the Water Platform; Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning); Christina Schilling (Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management); Andrea Bianchini (Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea); Wolfger Mayhofer and Taja Ferancic (Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention)


Financial Support

The ForumAlpinum 2018 is supported by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, Province of the Tyrol, Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, and Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.